Product Announcements

Eishindo has announced the following items as being potential new products. Those items with stock numbers are more likely to be released than those without, although this is not always the case.

Train Control Systems and Electrical Accessories

Anti-collision system

Structures and Other Accessories

A-0101 Telegraph poles and road signs

P-001 Boeing 777-300

P-002 Boeing 777-300 with lighting effects

Airline ground equipment

In addition, the following items have been mentioned as potential candidates:

  • ICE (25m class) train set
  • N700 (25m class) train set
  • Monorail (Tokyo, Osaka & Okinawa) train set
  • Old Timer (14m-16m class) train set
  • Street Tram (12m class) train set
  • Steam Locomotive
  • Gas station
  • Convenience store

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