Close Enough?

Some products in the general size of T scale may be close enough for most modelers. Here's an assortment of items that range from 1:400 to 1:500. Shipbuilding accessories, such as railings, figures and details are particularly useful.

  • Scale Link offers etched brass fences, figures and other detailing items.
  • Gold Medal Models has ship detailing sets and kits that can be a treasure trove of useful goodies.
  • Tom's Modelworks is another worthwhile resource to explore.

Several manufacturers make airplanes and airport accessories that may be of interest.

  • HERPA Wings offers an extensive line of airplanes and airport accessories in 1:400 and 1:500 scales. They have several lines of vehicles that include autos, vans and service equipment.
  • Gemini Jets has some exquisite 1:400 airport vehicles—especially noteworthy are their buses.

Architectural firms make use of miniatures to detail their structural models and presentations. Here are some suppliers that might be worth a look.

  • 4D modelshop has a vast assortment of items at 1:400 and 1:500.
  • Howard Models makes vehicles, people and trees in a wide range of scales. Although their 1/40" cars are little more than blobs of metal, they might be useful for background models or to populate parking garages.
  • JTT Trees makes a fabulous line of trees and landscaping materials. Their vehicles are not quite small enough for use in T scale.

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